The Most Distinct Style of Rum

Spiribam, fine r(h)um specialists

SPIRIBAM is America’s premiere r(h)um import company. The SPIRIBAM portfolio represents some of the Caribbean’s best rum brands including: Martinique’s Rhum Clément & Rhum J.M, Guadeloup’s Rhum Damoiseau, and Saint Lucia’s Chairman’s Reserve Rum, Bounty Rum, and Admiral Rodney Rum. With this distinguished portfolio of world-class rums, SPIRIBAM takes great pride and value to be America’s fine rum specialists.

Our Brands

Rhum JM

In the late 17th century, the famous Père Labat, a Jesuit credited with proliferating sugar cultivation in the French West Indies, was the parish priest of Macouba while he operated a sugar refinery at his house along the Roche River…

Rhum Clément

The iconic rhum of Martinique, Rhum Clément was founded in 1887 by Homere Clément. Rhum Clement is known around the globe for its world-class rum and innovative approach to delivering the time-honored traditions…

Rhum Damoiseau

Mister Rimbaud arrived in Guadeloupe from Martinique at the end of XIXth century to establish his own sugar plantation and distillery. He settled just outside of the small fishing village of Le Moule for the massive area of open space available…

Bounty Rum

The national rum of St. Lucia Bounty Rum started life in 1972 as Denros Bounty Rum on the merger of the old Dennery Distillery and the Roseau Bay Distillery…

Chairman's Reserve

Chairman’s Reserve was created by Laurie Barnard, the last founding family member to hold the Chairman’s position at St. Lucia Distillers…

Admiral Rodney Rum

Admiral Rodney is one of the world’s finest rums. Made from 100% continuous still rums, Admiral Rodney is St. Lucia Distillers flagship in terms of age and complexity….

Rhum Agricole


Each of our brands is rich in history & culture specific to their unique producers and origin stories.