Making exceptional rhums for more than 70 years

Mister Rimbaud arrived in Guadeloupe from Martinique at the end of XIXth century to establish his own sugar plantation and distillery. He settled just outside of the small fishing village of Le Moule for the massive area of open space available near the sea to set up a sugar plantation, and he aptly named it Bellevue.

The Bellevue estate was acquired in 1942 by Roger Damoiseau and he transformed the distillery from producing rhum, confections, fruit preserves, and other sugar products to only producing Rhum Agricole.  Located on Grande Terre, the Damoiseau distillery is surrounded by plantations of sugarcane with notable high sugar concentration and strong aromatic savory qualities due to its very arid terroir on the eastern oceanic slopes of Guadeloupe. Rhum Damoiseau has been making exceptional rhums for more than 70 years; and Herve Damoiseau, the grandson of Roger Damoiseau, has guided his family’s legacy to become the #1 Guadeloupe Rhum Agricole.